Square Coasters in Cool Grey
Square Coasters in Cool Grey

Square Coasters in Cool Grey

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Set of 4 Square Jesmonite Coasters in Cool Grey. Add some texture to your table!

The item pictured, is the item you will receive.

Handmade using the material, Jesmonite - a water- based acrylic cementitious composite. It is eco-friendly and has no VOCs.

Each item is finished with a penetrating sealant making it water resistant and protected from stains.

Tray come with small rubber feet on the bottom, to protect the surface, that they are placed on.

Each item is handmade with care but small irregularities such as air bubbles may occur, making each piece unique. Due to being ‘hand-poured’, each piece is a ‘one-off’ and therefore may look slightly different to the images.

*Slight differences in colours may occur due to the device you are viewing on*

Dimensions: 105 x 105 x 5mm