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New Designers 2018

In July 2018 my peer and I had the opportunity to participate in New Designers week 2. For those who don’t know, new designers is an exhibition, showcasing graduates designs and products, ranging from furniture and lighting to innovation and problem solving designs. The exhibition ran from Wednesday - Saturday, and set up on the Monday and Tuesday. Setting up was so fun and satisfying to see all our work so beautifully laid out. Obviously there was the pressure of getting it done on time but it just added to the relief when it was all done and we were ready for the 1st day! Throughout the week there were awards to be won, from company’s such as josephjoseph, wilko, dulux, sainsburys, hallmark and many more! I was fortunate to have lovely chats with sainsburys, wilko and dulux and really boosted my confidence when I received good feedback about my work. It was also so nice to walk around and see what other universities had created and have really inspiring with other designer/makers. As well as all the great people you met and, you also have the opportunity to go to workshops and talks with really helpful information.

If you’re a designers, craftsmen or maker, I would fully recommend exhibiting and taking part in all aspects. Also if you are a lover of great design, beautiful craftsmanship and inspirational individuals, you must visit! For me new designers was really important for me for building my confidence within myself and my products. I think it’s really easy to be caught up in your own little bubble when designing and making, so to have lots of positive comments and interest in my work was so rewarding. With the interest I got, it also encouraged me to get my little shop up and running quickly so that my products could be available for anyone who saw them at new designers.

I am hoping to apply to for One Year In 2019, which runs along side the New Designers main event. It allows you to show off what you have achieved within the year.

To any designers that I met, I hope you’re still acing it! And to anyone who I spoke to about my own work, thankyou for encouraging my to talk and give me confidence to continue to grow as a Designer!

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