Within our product range, you can choose from a variety of surfaces, depending on what you’re into or the interior you’re styling. Whether you love bold colours, contemporary tones, or striking patterns – we’ve got you covered! The surfaces available are Originals, Monochrome, Copper, Waste and Splodge.



This collection was first created back in 2017 and was inspired by the colour trends of that time. The intention was to create a palette of colours which fit together when mixed or work as well on their own.
Colour trends are ever-changing so 3 years on this collection is still as popular and has stood the test of time. The palette consists of Mustard Yellow, Cool Grey, Deep Blue and Peachy Pinks. We love to see what colours you mix and match!



Although we are colour lovers here, we also adore contrast. Through developing this collection, the aim was to create a simple and sleek monochromatic surface, to suit stylish and minimal spaces. The monochrome pieces are one of our favourites to create; the pouring of contrasted tones to become ‘one of a kind’ objects.
The patterns and shapes created in the vessels especially, cannot be replicated even if we tried. For those who steer away from colour or enjoy more neutral tones then, this one is for you!


Through the experimentation stages of creating a new collection, another material was added to the mix – copper!
A warm, inviting metal which was once, only really used for practical applications such as pipework.
But steering away from the industrial feel I wanted to show the fanciness and contemporary use of copper.
The polished copper within this collection shows hints of glamour against the granite surface of Jesmonite.


One of my most favourite and useful pieces to make are that of the Waste Collection.
Through casting all the different colours under the sun, there is sometimes mixture left over. This mixture never gets thrown away. It is left to set and then poured into a new mixture to create these unique, terrazzo surfaces.
To work more sustainably and take responsibility for the waste that we produced is at the forefront of our minds.


This collection was inspired by the beautiful colours and tones found in interiors which I have fallen in love with recently! Interiors from designers such as 2LG studio, Ola Zwolenik, Richard O’Gorman and compositions and photography by Helene Rebelo, all show amazing palettes of colour and complimentary shades. I wanted to experiment with bold colourways, but on a much smaller scale. This collection shows how contrasting SPLODGES of colours can blend, burst, and create movement in a functional item. The 3 different colourways are named from the boldest colours from each - Tangerine, Emerald and Colbalt.